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the love of schnauzers

The loyalty

If you are here then you either know the love of a schnauzer or you are looking for insight into this amazing breed.

Keep reading for fun stories, tips and other valuable information regarding the love of schnauzers.

I discovered this breed when I found one dumped in the desert about 10 years ago.

Since then I have become involved with rescues and fostering due to finding out how truly smart, loyal and funny these babies are!


They love to talk!

Miniature schnauzers tend to be very loyal and want to please their human

If you treat them right and show them what you want they are eager to learn

It is important to note here that minis can be talkers!

Bailey here has a very high pitched bark and will bark at any unknown noise she hears

Don't worry, she is protecting you!

Yea, yea ..but she looks so innocent eating her veggies

Before getting a schnauzer be sure to decide if you are ok with hearing their voice!

Aiming to Please

Miniature schnauzers generally love to be loved

Don't all dogs deserve to be loved?

Treat your schnauzer right and they will try really hard to make you happy

Marley was over 5 years old when she joined the family and once she realized she was in a real home she was eager to get started!

Here is Marley using the doggie doorbell it took time for her to learn

Quite an endeavor but she succeeded!

Who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?


Schnauzers with style

Once you bring your new best friend home be sure to get them a name tag first thing!

While your new fur baby is acclimating they may try to run and you want to ensure they can find their way back to you

I highly recommend having them microchipped, another plus when adopting, most are microchipped already!

There are many types of collars and tags to choose from

Now, back to collars and tags

Personally I have a few different ones for my pets. Bailey likes to demolish hers so it's always a good idea to have extra on hand

Choose from handmade or commercial....leather, paracord, fabric. So many choices!

Did I mention I make collars and tags as well? When you get a chance check out my new website!

See some of my favorites here

Choose a collar with the right size and weight for your pup

You want one that will not slip off but also will not choke them

I like softer styles for Marley as she does not pull and walks at my heels. Bailey needs something a bit tougher

Choose a collar, leash and tag to go with your doggie's personality!

If you want to check out my site I can do custom themed collars as well....any fellow Harry Potter fans out there?

How about Pokemon? Yes I'm a fellow nerd

Rescues are awesome

We support local rescues

As many of you may know by now my minis are rescues

As someone who used to prefer to get puppies from a very young age I grew to realize how awesome a rescued fur baby can be!

Schnauzers are a great breed to adopt as they tend to keep their "smarts"

If you've not had a chance to read Marley and Bailey's stories I highly recommend it if you are at all considering a mini schnauzer for your family

Watching a dog become a dog is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced

Seeing them grow, learn and change is amazing

Seeing them learning to love life is even better!

marley's story

bailey's story

Remember when searching for your next family member to shop the local rescues

There are so many wonderful dogs out there waiting for a forever home!

And you don't have to be in a hurry, adopting a dog is a long commitment so take your time ensuring you find the perfect fit!

see AZ rescues we support here


The schnauzer nose

Schnauzers are terriers which means they LOVE to sniff things out

There is nothing I love more than that schnauzer nose!

So irresistable it needs a "boop"

Minis are excellent at sniffing out critters living in your yard or even in your house

Here in AZ Bailey digs for gophers and prairie dogs

But watch out for those scorpions!

Be sure to take care of that Schnauzer snoot

Your furry friend's nose is how they greet new people and recognize things around them.

For the most part a dog's nose can take care of itself. For my dogs, however, I need to help it along sometimes.

Bailey likes to root out critters around the yard and will inevitably find a bug that bites.

Lucky for her she can handle a scorpion sting without too much trouble.....ouch!

When things like that happen definitely call your emergency vet first! Once you determine your best friend is ok here are a few home remedies for those irritating bites and other snoot related remedies

bug bites

dry nose




Rope Toys DIY

Handmade or store bought?

As with most things dog related there are endless amounts of toys available for your adorable pet

Where to start?

I like a good mix of homemade and store bought toys myself

Your fur baby will inevitably tell you what they like best!

I do make some handmade dog toys but most of them are pretty easy to make at home

Rope toys can even be made with old clothes you already have around the house

If you prefer to make your own, check out this quick tutorial

If you prefer handmade but don't have the time I've got you!

You can check out toys we have for sale on our website

If you prefer store bought I've got some great suggestions for you there as well

Either way your Schnauzer baby will love any play time they have with you

If you have the patience you can even teach them to put their toys away!

Bailey ALMOST got that one. She would take her toy to the basket but not drop it

Well halfway is better than none of the way!

Speaking of toy basket, what do you use?

I love choosing baskets that go with my decor

Check out some of my favorites

my favorites store bought toys

Toys at Marley and bailee

cute toy baskets


The scoop on poop

If you are anything like me you don't appreciate having to watch for other dog's leftovers on your walks

However, I also don't believe in adding more plastic to our already heaping landfills

My Schnauzers spend most of their outside time in our own back garden

But we do enjoy the occasional stroll to the local green area

When we head out for our mini adventure I am sure to bring something to pick up after my pups

There are other alternatives to plastic poop bags

And surprisingly many options to choose from

Biodegradable, compostable or if you're feeling REALLY save the planet-y you can bring some tissue

I won't be trying that one but to each his own right?

If you are considering changing to a more ecofriendly option you can see a few here


While you're at it check out some adorable leash/harness/poop bag sets for your little mini

Everyone loves a stylish pooch!

Lastly, how about a cute sign for your own yard as a gentle reminder to your neighbors



Potty training

Potty training should be done at an early age

However, when you rescue a dog there is no guarantee you will get a puppy.

Don't worry! If your older pup comes to your home with a little potty issue you can still train him or her to go outside.

Marley was 5 years old when I brought her home and had never had any type of training!

Lucky for me, she quickly picked up the Schnauzer trait of wanted to please her human so we got to work!

I settled on this EverNary doorbell in white

First I reseached different ways to train a new dog to figure which would be easiest.

I settled on a door bell as Marley is incredibly food motivated. Like most dogs!

Now to decide what type of doorbell.

There were two type I was deciding on and either would have worked. I personally liked the electronic as it is more my aesthetic....modern and minimal.

If cost is more of a factor you can choose one that hangs on your door handle instead. Either can work well.

I make my own version of this one that can be found in the products section of MarleyandBailee.com.

We are working on getting a Amazon store going so if you prefer Amazon, here is a similar product.

These are made in materials such as leather or cords and contain bells. Just be sure to choose one that has bells that actually ring!

In addtion to the bell you'll need some incentive.

There are many type of training treats available out there, for Marley I used buddy budder.

It sticks to the doorbell ringer but is easilly cleanable

There are also many flavors to choose from. I used bacon but look, they have pumpkin for fall! Another favorite is banana

Pumpking Buddy Budder